FAQ on Ordering & Services
How will I get my report?
All of our reports are delivered through e-mail only.  The report is attached as
a htm file.  You can save the report and read it in your internet browser.  This is
great for Windows, Macs, Linux and more.    Charts will be attached in jpg
format.   Other formats are avaliable upon request.

When will I get my report?
You will receive your report within 24 hours and often within a few hours.  
Exception: Wedding Date Reports & Reports with Astrologer Notes.  Please
allow up to 7 days for delivery, as these report take me time to complete.

You Need My Birth Information...
We ask for this during the check out process.
Important - if you missed this while placing your order,  please click here to fill
out the birth information form and complete your order.

International Orders?
Yes, we accept orders from all around the world.  With no shipping cost, we've
sold reports in over 30 countries world wide.

What Types of Payments do You Accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club International and Paypal.  

What happens when I place an order?
You will immediately receive an email thanking you for your order.  If you do
NOT receive an automated email, there was a problem with your order.  
Please contact us at orders@vegaattractions.com or at 1-918-619-9702.  
Please leave a message and we will get back to you.

What if I change my mind and want to cancel my order?
That’s fine - just let us know with an email before your report is delivered.  
Once the report is delivered the sale is final and we do not give refunds.   

No Response or Missing Emails:  If we don't receive your birth information we
will send you an email.  If we never hear from you, we assume you wish to
cancel your order, and your card is never processed.  

I haven't received my report?
Please be sure to add
to your email.  You can also check your trash or bulk folders.  In any case,
please contact us again and we will resend your report.  

What if my report is wrong?
Your mistake or ours, we will fix it and send you the corrected report.   Please
reply to your report email with the correct information or
email us here

I lost my report?
We will resend it to you.  Send us an email and please include your name,
order number and date of the report if you can.  

How can I contact you?  
We prefer email (service@vegaattractions.com).  You can also get a hold of
us at (775) 764-1407.  Please leave a detailed message.  

Can I use Paypal?
Yes.  Click the pay with Paypal option in the shopping cart.   

Taxes and shipping costs?
All tax is included in the price.  Taxes are subject to your state and country.  
There are no shipping charges because all reports are delivered through

Security of Site
Our site, forms and shopping cart are secure and encrypted.  We are also
Paypal Verified.

I’m not happy with my report - can I get a refund?
No.  We provide samples of all our reports and as a service based business
we can not give refunds.   We welcome any and all questions and comments
about your report.

Do you give my email or other personal information out?
No.  We respect your privacy.  We never give out your email or other personal

Are there any terms and conditions to this service?
Yes.  Please read our terms and conditions here.  The short version, for
legal purposes, is our services have to be considered for Entertainment
Purposes only.  

What birth information will you need from me?
Every report will require:
your birthday (month, day, year)
birth location (city and state and country)  
birth time if known.  
Some reports may require additional information, such as your current city.
This information is gathered during the check out process.
Copyright 2006-2015 Vega Attractions
Didn't find your answer?  More questions?  Please contact us
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