Aries and Aquarius Love Match
together and these two are
likely to stimulate each other in
unusual ways.  The Aquarius
will be attracted to the Aries
pizazz and ability to start new
and different things.  The
Aquarius will also help to show
the Aires how to temper their
aggressions and show
Heath Leger and Heather Graham
Heath is the Aries and Heather is the Aquarius

Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn
Jennifer is the Aquarius and Vince is an Aries
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Aries and Aquarius is usually a good love match.  Aries is
cardinal fire and Aquarius is fixed air.  Fire and air mix well
them different and probably more peaceful ways of dealing
with people, especially in leadership positions.  The Aries will
be attracted to the Aquarius friendliness, perceptiveness and
ability to get along with most everyone.   They will help the
Aquarius put their great ideas into action.  These two can
also make great business partners as Aries has the drive and
ambition and Aquarius has the inventiveness and ability to
organize and plan.  
The Relationship Compatibility between Aquarius and Aries
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