Aries and Cancer Love Match
between them, meaning friction and challenges.  While both
signs tend to be leaders and aggressive, their styles and
basic personalities are very different.  Aries is brash,
impulsive and bossy.  Cancer is sensitive, emotional and
bossy.  Aries looks to the future and loves trying different
things.  Cancers have a wide sentimental streak and
respect for traditions and the past.  Aries will tend to see
the Cancer as sensitive and overly emotional.  Cancer sees
the Aries as much too harsh and dominating.  The attraction
between them is usually strong and the passion created by
the friction can be exciting.    
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With the case of an Aries and Cancer love match, opposites
attract.  Yet this combination is more likely to create
aggravation than excitement in
exploring each other
differences.  They are both
cardinal (go-getters of the
zodiac) but Aries is fire and
Cancer is water.  Fire and
water rarely agree with each
other.  The two signs form a
natural square
The Relationship Compatibility between Cancer and Aries
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