Aries and Capricorn Love Match
control and assume the dominate role.  With an Aries Sun  
nothing is subtle; they’ll declare their intentions loudly and
with pride and assume dominance with their innate sense of
Capricorns are conscious of social norms and abiding by the
rules.  Aries ignore most rules (when they even notice
them).   Although these two signs are not opposites, they
rarely get along as their styles and what they appreciate and
need are very different.  This match usually works better as
friends, co-workers or business partners.   A closer look at
both the Aries and Capricorn individual charts will determine
true compatibility.  
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An Aries and Capricorn together can be an unlikely love match.  
Both signs are cardinal (go-getters of the zodiac) but Aries is
fire and Capricorn is earth.  The
two signs form a natural square
between each other, meaning
friction and challenges.  Each sign
can be aggressive and both are
born leaders but in different ways.  
A Capricorn's aggression is subtle
(a seeming contradiction) but they
appear to naturally and easily take
Relationship Compatibility between Capricorn and Aries
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