Aries and Gemini Love Match
and talents can lead to great ideas.  However, they are
unlikely to ever finish anything.  Aries is not known for their
tenacity and Gemini tends to be easily distracted.  Boredom
will not be a problem in the relationship - just the opposite.

Neither one is likely to discourage risk taking and hasty
decisions of, which can lead them both into trouble on a
regular basis.  This combination works best if there are
other steadying influences in their astrological compatibility,
usually either a strong influence of earth or fixed quality.  A
closer look at both charts will show their true relationship
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A sun sign Aries and Gemini together is usually a good love
match.  Aries is cardinal fire and Gemini is mutable air.  
Fire and air mix together well
and they form a natural sextile
which is harmonious.  Both
Aries and Gemini are impulsive
and enjoy new and different
things.  Aries tends to be more
physically active while Gemini
is more intellectually active.  
Combining their natural abilities
The Relationship Compatibility between Gemini and Aries
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relationship and compatibility
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Aries and Gemini Love Match