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Aries and Leo are usually a great love match.  Aries is
cardinal and Leo is fixed but both are fire.  The two signs
form a natural trine which is
considered the most
favorable aspect in astrology.
They will recognize in each
other a spice for life, a
positive out look and
leadership abilities.  Usually
the only problems between
the two is they both tend to
The Relationship Compatibility Between Leo and Aries
be very bossy and expect the other to follow.  Once they
work out who's boss in what areas and can work as a
team, the relationship will run smoothly.  The Aries
impulsiveness will be tempered by the Leo's ability to
organize and plan ideas throughly.  A relationship
between these two signs is apt to be very affectionate
and loving.  Loyalty between the two will be
unquestionable and can give both a sense of security in
knowing that the other is behind them all the way.
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