Aries on the other hand, have little patience for emotions.  
The Pisces can help show them their unconscious
emotions, especially those of anger and outrage, and
other emotions they use to fuel their actions.  Aries too,
often live by their impulses and intuition; their styles are
just very different.  The Pisces can learn to help the Aries
become more sensitive and in tuned with their emotions,
lending Aries purposeful action.  
If the two signs can recognize their differences and treat
each other with respect, they can make quite a team.  
The combination is more likely to work if one has
personal planets in each others sign.  For example, a sun
sign Aries with Mercury and Venus in Pisces is more likely
to be attracted to and have potential for a relationship
with a sun sign Pisces.   
Aries and Pisces Love Match
Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.
Sarah Michelle is a classical Aries and Freddie is the romantic Pisces
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A love match between Aries and Pisces can be hard to
get off the ground as they don’t have a lot in common.
Aries is a cardinal fire sign
and Pisces is a mutable
water.  Fire and water don't
mix well and these two signs
are likely to misunderstand
each others personalities.   
Pisces are romantics and
inclined to
trust their
emotions, living their life by
impulse and intuition.
The Relationship Compatibility between Pisces and Aries
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