Cancer and Scorpio Love Match
heat up.  Cancer is cardinal and Scorpio is
fixed.  This will be a bone of contention
between them as Scorpio is very firm in
their opinions and can be pig headed and
purposefully hurtful towards the Cancer.  
In this relationship it will be important for
the Cancer to stand up for themselves or
the Scorpio will enjoy trying to dominate
them too much.  If these two can work out
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Relationship Compatibility between Scorpio and Cancer
A Cancer and a Scorpio love match can be a very heavy combination.  
Heavy because when two water signs meet the intensity and passion
these differences they can find a height of passion that can touch their
souls.  When truly a couple these two can communicate with out words
and have an intuitive understanding of each other that can lead to
great, tender love between them.  A closer look at other factors in their
individual charts, especially the Moon, will show their true relationship
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