Gemini and Virgo Love Match
is mutable earth.  Air and Earth tend
to have different attitudes towards
life and have trouble understanding
each other.  However, both Gemini
and Virgo are ruled by the planet
Mercury.  They both excel at
communication.  The two signs for a
natural square in astrology;
signifying challenges and conflicts.
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Relationship Compatibility between Virgo and Gemini
This is a combination that is usually greatly dependent on other
factors in the individuals charts.  Gemini is mutable air and Virgo
A Gemini can find the a Virgo too timid for their tastes  
and a Virgo often sees the Gemini as irresponsible.  A Virgo is
very critical and their feelings are easily hurt.  Problems arise
because the Gemini will usually ignore the Virgos criticisms and
dismiss them as knit-picky.  If a Gemini can realize it is the way
most Virgos show their love - through worrying -the combination
will have a better chance.  With other combinations in the
individuals charts working for the relationship, the Gemini can
easy the worries and stress the Virgo has with their outgoing
approach to life and carefree attitude.  An indepth look at the
couples birth charts will show their true relationship compatibility.
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