Scorpio and Aquarius Love Match
air.   Air and water rarely
understand each other.  There
can be attraction between these
signs and even a fascination.  
For the Scorpio they are often
intrigued by the Aquarius quick
but seemingly superficial
attachments and but also their
deep philosophies.  In turn, the
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Relationship Compatibility between Aquarius and Scorpio
A love match between Scorpio and Aquarius is usually not
great.  Both are fixed but Scorpio is water and Aquarius is
Aquarius sense something they usually don’t encounter in
the Scorpio; secrets and an intuitive knowing.  There is also
a rebellious quality in both signs.  When and if they
recognize this with in one another, they can get into a lot of
trouble as they fan each others more negative and
irresponsible qualities.   In this relationship there is often a
sense of many things going on below the surface, even
when neither recognizes it.   Sometimes both signs are too
set in their own ways to truly appreciate or respect each
others differences.   Compatible Moon signs and other
favorable aspects can greatly modify this combination .
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