Scorpio and Capricorn Love Match
earth.  To most signs, Capricorns
come off as reserved and
unfeeling.  Scorpio, however, will
have the intuitive ability to
understand and appreciate the
Capricorn as few other signs
can.  The Capricorn is likely to
find the Scorpio strangely
compelling and fascinating.  As
Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy
Jim the quirky Capricorn and Jenny is a Scorpio
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Capricorn Friends
How to Date a Capricorn
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The Relationship Compatibility between Capricorn & Scorpio
A Scorpio and Capricorn relationship can be a great love
match.  Scorpio is fixed water and Capricorn is cardinal
these two explore each other more, they will find many
similarities between them and a mutual respect will grow
between them.
  Both signs can be very ambitious and will
help one another in this.  This combination also tends to
make great friendships and business relations.  A closer
look at both the Scorpio and Capricorn  individual charts
and how they interact together will point out any problems
this couple is likely to encounter.   
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