Scorpio and Sagittarius Love Match
a huge attraction between these
two signs as the Sagittarius will
sense the sensual quality of the
Scorpio and the Scorpio can
recognize the animal passion
most Sagittarius have.  However,
their attraction and passion for
one another can be their biggest
downfall.  Sagittarius are
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Relationship Compatibility between Sagittarius and Scorpio
A Scorpio and Sagittarius love match is unlikely.  Scorpio is
fixed water and Sagittarius is mutable fire.   There can be
freedom loving and adventurous.  Scorpios are jealous and
distrustful.  The Sagittarius is unlikely to understand the
Scorpios intense emotional needs and think them too
clingy.  The Scorpio will be hurt by the Sagittarius need to
experience everything and be independent.   However, the
combination is more likely to work if one or the other sign
has personal planets in each others sign.  For example, a
sun sign Sagittarius with Mercury and Venus in Scorpio is
more likely to be attracted to and have potential for a
relationship with a sun sign Scorpio.  The Moon sign and
aspects will also be especially important.   A closer look at
both the Scorpio and Sagittarius individual charts will
determine their true compatibility.  
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