Taurus and Scorpio Love Match
difficult for this combinationis their stubbornness.  Often the
Taurus stubbornness will spark the reciprocal trait in Scorpio
and it can become a battle of wills.  In the Scorpio it can also
become a  power play.  Both hate being told what to do or
think but are usually not shy about sharing what others
should do.  There can be a tremendous amount of passion
between the Taurus and Scorpio.  The Taurus will find the
Scorpio strangely compelling as they would with no other
sign.  The Scorpio will find a missing element of security and
reliability they are looking for in a Taurus.  Their powerful
wills need to be used towards compromise, understanding
and patience for a relationship to work.  A closer, more in
depth look at both individuals birth charts will determine
compatibility and any other challenges.   
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Opposites can compel but also repel.  In the case of a
Scorpio and Taurus love match it can be either one and
Opposites can compel but also
repel.  In the case of a Scorpio and
Taurus love match it can be either
one and sometimes both.  Taurus
is fixed earth and Scorpio is fixed
water.  In this combination the two
signs will exasperate both their
similarities and differences.  One of
similarities that is especially
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