FAQ on Astrology
11 commonly asked questions about astrology
1.  Is there more than sun signs to astrology?

Answer:    Yes.  Thinking sun signs is all there is to astrology is like
thinking addition is all there is to mathematics.  There is also the
moon, the eight planets, houses, aspects -- just to name a few major
components.  Astrology is a very complex study of how the stars
influence people.  
2.  So what is a natal chart anyway?

   A natal chart is a ‘snap shot’ of the sky when a person is
born.  The natal chart represents the person born on that date, time of
birth and location of birth.  It is the most popular chart used in
astrology but there are many others such as progressed, transits and
composites that are used to be predictive
3.  Can astrology tell the future?

  No.  No system can do that.  What astrology can do is tell
a person what influences are coming up in their life and how they
might react to it.  It can not tell you when you’ll marry, have children,
4.  Is astrology about fate or free will?

  Free will.  No respectable astrologer will EVER tell
someone an absolute.  It’s your life and you make the decisions.  
Astrology is useful in that it can help you understand yourself, others
and how and when things might happen in your life.  
5.  I was born when the sun was changing signs; how can I tell
what sun sign I am?

 The only accurate way to find out which sun sign you are is
have an astrologer calculate your birth / natal chart.  This is a simple
process with computers and Vega Attractions offers this service free.  
This is also one of the reasons why birth time and birth location is so
important in astrology.
question 7.  
6.  Some people call me a sun sign cusper, meaning I was born
on the cusp of a sign. Can I have characteristics of both sun

 No, in a sense.  Let me explain further.  A sun sign cusper is a
fancy astrology word that has no real meaning.  At the moment of your birth
the sun was in one sign or another.  However, it is not unusual to identify
more strongly with a different sign than that of your sun sign.  This is
because there are many other influences besides the sun.  For example, a
person born on October 22 still has a Libra sun.  However, that person’s
moon and other key influences in their chart might be in other signs, and so
they feel those influences more strongly than their sun sign
7.  Why is the birth time and location so important in astrology?

  The time and location of birth is important because of time
zones.  South Africa is on a very different ‘time’ than the U.S.A. or any other
country.  It’s the same with cities.  Even two people born on the same day, at
the same time but in different locations will have very different birth charts.  
The time of birth is also very important to the Ascendant in astrology.   See
question 9 for more information.  See also question 11 for birth twins.
8.  I don’t know my birth time - now what?

Ask your parents, consult your birth certificate or contact the
hospital of your birth.  If all else fails, astrologers do have a system called
rectification of birth time.  There are many variations of this, but the most
common one is to set the time of birth at noon.  The ascendant is then set at
the placement of your sun.  
9.  So what is the Ascendant?

 The ascendant sign is what sign is on the horizon at a persons
birth.  The ascendant is what degree in the sign specifically.  In astrology the
ascendant is very important in that it sets up the whole chart into houses,
dictating  where the signs and planets fall.  The ascendant sign is said to be
how others see that person.   A more controversial view of the ascendant, that
Vega Attractions agrees with, is that the ascendant is how the native views
themselves.  In other words, the ascendant sign characteristics is really what
the native strives or wants to be like.  We at Vega Attractions believe that the
ascendant is how the person sees themselves, and it is the Midheaven that
shows how other people see you.
10.  Is there any validity in sun sign compatibility if astrology is
so complex?

     Not really.  It is true that some signs get along better than others.  
But this quick system only deals with sun signs.  As already stated, there is
much, much more than your sun sign in astrology.  It would be like saying
everyone with brown eyes is compatible with you, but not the blue, green and
hazel eyed.   This is one of the reasons why Vega Attractions developed the
Day Search system.  Day Search examines all the important factors that
determine whether you will be compatible with someone else or not.
11.  What about twins? They are born on the same day, location
and almost the same time?

  This is a complex question.  First, back to the ascendant.  The
degree of the ascendant can move every four minutes.  So it is possible for
twins to have different ascendant signs.  But even minor changes in degree,
1 or 2, can have a big impact.  The twins can have different aspects, strength
of aspect, and planets in different houses.  However, this is the technical
answer.  Astrology recognizes that people are on different spiritual levels of
living and it also goes back to the free will issue.  Even people with the exact
same chart will make different decisions because they have free will.  In
addition, there is likely to be different environmental and social factors that
have influenced the two people.
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