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Although you can be quite practical and efficient  
you are at heart an idealist.  You have many broad
and lofty ideas about life and live by your own
code.  It can enrage you when others expect you to
conform.  You are not one for traditions because
they bore you and besides your pretty sure you
know a better way.  The only real authority you
respect is your own.   Authority, following it and
respecting it, can be a problem for you.  These
attitudes can lead you to be arrogant, unreasonable
and unpredictable as you can often change your

This isn’t a wishy-washy quality though.  When you
do have an opinion it tends to be very firm, yet you
can be very open minded in recognizing new ideas
and incorporating them into your way of thinking.  
As an Aquarius, you value freedom; freedom to
express yourself and live life as you choose.   One
of your goals in life is to try and sway people to see
things your way.  You are also a very friendly
person and would rarely be described as shy.  You
can talk to just about anyone about anything.  Most
the people you know are acquaintances as you
rarely form deep and lasting friendships.  

You are a humanitarian and tend to see everyone
as equally valuable.  This is a great quality but it
does tend to limit lasting personal relationships
when your siblings or love interest is as important
as someone you just met at the supermarket.   The
lesson of an Aquarius is to form close personal
bonds.  You need to recognize that although
everyone is equally special and has a great role to
play in society and human evolution, people need to
be appreciated as the individual they are and loved
for it, not just as another fellow human being.  Your
high idealism and dedication to the brotherhood of
man is of great value but can be cold without any
personal involvement.
January 21st to February 19th
Element: Air
Modality: Fixed
Planet: Uranus
Symbol: The Water Bearer
Colors: turquoise, neon colors
Body Part: The ankles and
As an Aquarius, you are independent, friendly and
analytical.  Others can think you odd because you
seem to follow your own beat and don’t give a care
to conventions.  You probably get a kick out of this
and take it as a badge of pride.  You like to be
unusual, to try and see things differently from other
people and to take the road less traveled.
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