June 22nd to July 23rd
Element: Water
Modality: Cardinal
Planet: The Moon
Symbol: The Crab
Colors: Grey, Silver
Body Part: The chest and breasts
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You are sensitive, funny and very emotional.  You
have a vivid imagination and can get lost in your
daydreaming.  The past has a special importance to
you and you probably have quite a collection of
memorabilia. Your home is very important to you.  
This is the place where you feel most comfortable,
emotionally secure and free to be yourself.  You
probably spend a lot of time making your home as
lavish as possible.

Although you are not known for your temper, any
perceived threats to your home would make you
fierce and willing to fight.  Family is also important to
you.  You have strong ties to all your family
members and nothing would devastate you more
than a split with them.  You can be very moody.  
You swing from being upbeat, charming and funny,
to being cranky, out of sorts and overly sensitive.  
Your emotions can by overwhelming.  So
overwhelming that you often can not distinguish
between what you think and what you feel.  This
can be hard on you and others.  You are also
sensitive to other peoples moods, picking them up
subconsciously and even reacting to them as if they
were your own.  

This can be quite confusing to yourself and others.  
It also makes your intuition strong as you so easily
read other people.  You can trust your intuition
when you stop to think about it.  The sensitivity can
also make you an excellent mimic and acting is a
natural talent of yours.  You are good at keeping
secrets and are more observant than you let on.  
Your memory is superb. You don’t have very many
superficial relationships as you like to form close
attachments to others.  

As a Cancer, you are kind, giving and generous.  
However, you do have the tendency to hold a
grudge and can be easily offended.   The lesson of
a Cancer is to learn to separate their emotions from
their thinking. The realizations must come that
sometimes emotions are just that- feelings that have
no basis on reality and that an emotion does not
define who you are.  You need to learn to step back
from your emotions; to identify where the emotion
came from (yourself or others) and, realize why you
are feeling the emotion and take control of it.  This
is not an easy task and life will always be a bit of an
emotional roller coaster for you.  Yet  once the
lesson is learned there will be a greater sense of
peace, security and knowing within yourself.
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