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You are practical, disciplined and ambitious.  You
usually know exactly what you want and the best way
to go about getting it.  This is a fordable combination
and its likely you will achieve your goals.  You can
also be very aggressive, which surprises many people
because they tend to think you gentle and reserved.   
You tend to take life very seriously and are extremely

You are responsible and understand all your duties
and are especially careful of your reputation.  Making
a fool of yourself is unacceptable to you.  Not to say
you don’t have a sense of humor and can’t enjoy slap
stick humor.  Its all very funny, so long as it happens
to someone else and does in no way reflect on you.  
Nothing could make you madder than someone trying
to pull a prank on you or make you look stupid.  You
wouldn’t necessarily take revenge on someone that
did this, but you would never respect them again.  
How could you when they were so blind as to have
miss your strengths?

Respect is also important to you.  Both in that you are
respectful of other people and ideas and that others
respect you.  Rudeness really irritates you.  In close
friendships, partnerships and love matters you are
loyal, devoted and capable of handling any situation
that arises.  You rarely express any passionate
emotions but love instead in a steady, enduring and
thoughtful manner.             

Others have a hard time getting to know you because
you do come off as so reserved.  Others might even
call you power hungry or boring.  In some ways this
doesn’t bother you; you know what you want and
there is a certain respect implied of your discipline
and ambition.  Yet it does bother you a little, deep
down.  You are a sensitive and sincere person and it
hurts you when others don’t appreciate that, but you’d
never show such a weakness to others.  

The lesson of a Capricorn is to learn to use your
discipline and ambition in more positive ways.  Often
times you are ambitious for ambition sake and focus
too much on material goods and earthy possessions.  
It can be self serving and joyless way to live your life.
Setting goals towards the more spiritual good will give
your life an extra dimension and fulfillment.  Your
incredible abilities to get things done could be useful
in the service of others, especially on a community
Capricorn Celebrities
December 22nd to January 20th
Element: Earth
Modality: Cardinal
Planet: Saturn
Symbol: The Goat
Colors: brown and black
Body Part: The knees and bones
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