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May 22nd to June 21st
Element: Air
Modality: Mutable
Planet: Mercury
Symbol: The twins
Color: Yellow
Body part: The shoulders and arms
Sun Sign Gemini
You are curious, versatile and lively with a lot of
mental energy.  You are probably a smooth talker and
never shy about expressing your ideas and opinions
on whatever topic is on hand.  You love to explore
new ideas and to mentally challenge yourself.  Mind
games are just up your alley.  Social settings are
where you feel most comfortable because you excel
at communicating and engaging others.  Your
thoughts move very fast, skipping from one idea to the
next.  In this you are hard to pin down.  

Your thoughts and opinions are always changing, in
part because you are always acquiring new
knowledge.  The other part is because you are also
very adaptable.  Anything set in stone loses appeal
for you.  For you life is a journey, to gather new and
exciting ideas and thoughts.  Few things will make
you as irritable as others trying to tie you down to
anything.  In the same manner, matters in romantic
love can be very sketchy for you.  Though you enjoy
companionship as much as anyone else, you are firm
in the belief that the grass is always greener on the
other side.  Besides, you love to discover new things
and routines, stability and structure bore you to tears.  

As a Gemini, you are quick to adopt to new situations
and are great at fitting in with any occasion.  Your
lively, youthful and engaging personality is often
widely appreciated by others.  Your sense of humor is
very acute and you love to charm other people with
your cleverness.  This can also lead you to be very
condescending of others and arrogant about your
own abilities.  You can enjoy verbal arguments and
are far more likely to cut someone down verbally than
to get physical.  You can also be terribly inconsistent,
superficial and unable to make up your mind.  

The lesson of a Gemini is to learn to use their great
mental energy constructively.  Often a Gemini will use
their need for variety as an argument against applying
themselves to anything.  Instead of flitting to and from
everything, a Gemini needs to focus their abilities into
something beyond superficial situations.  They need
to recognize their abilities as a gift and to curb their
arrogance and feelings of superiority over others.
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