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You are charming, sociable and diplomatic.  You tend
to have very definite tastes, leaning towards the
refined and expensive.  Beauty is something that
probably has special meaning to you.  You have an
active social life and you truly enjoy all the social
niceties of life.  When you know what you want you
can be quite aggressive in getting and maintaining it.

The problem is usually you don’t know what you want.
Its not really because you are wishy washy, but
because you are so good at seeing things from
different perspectives and are so empathetic with
people.  These abilities make you both a good listener
and talkative, but also easily influenced. You are very
idealistic, especially in manners of romance.  You
have a deep yearning to be in a partnership;  to be
strongly committed and devoted to someone.  You
have high expectations of your loved one and are
very idealistic about love.  

Though you tend to see everyone through rose
colored glasses, you can become resentful and
judgmental when your are disillusioned.  In part, these
needs stem from an innate expectation for order.  You
like knowing how things are and knowing what to
expect of them.  This can also make you something of
a know it all, offering unwanted advise and opinions.  
Your need to be in a relationship, your need for order
and balance and your high expectations in love
matters can lead to trouble.  

For one thing, it’s a contradiction and you often
confuse yourself and others.  You can be passive yet
aggressive, charming yet petty, romantic yet
demanding and so on.  Another problem it can lead to
is getting into an undesirable situation just because
you want to be in a relationship for the sake of having
a relationship.  You also tend to either be too
demanding or too subservient in your relationships.  In
either case, there is an unbalance of energy.  

The lesson of a Libra is to learn balance, especially in
matters of judgement, including one own self.  One of
the most helpful ways to learn this is by recognizing
your own self as a complete person without the need
for others to fulfill you.  When you are balanced inside
yourself, tolerance, respect for other peoples needs
and the ability to compromise becomes easier.  
September 22th to October 23rd
Element: Air
Modality: Cardinal
Planet: Venus
Symbol: The Scales
Colors: pink and greens
Body Part: the kidneys
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