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You are intense.  You tend to take everything
seriously, even having fun.  To you, life is serious,
how could it not be? You have this approach to all
aspects of your life. You have intense likes and
dislikes, or you simply don't care.  When you have an
opinion its firm, but if it doesn't concern you, then why
waste energy? You probably have few true friends but
those friendships you hold dear and nobody is more
loyal and trustworthy than you.  

However, in the same token, if you make enemies,
you can be cruel,  going to extremes for revenge.
Nobody wrongs you. You take everything personally
because you are so emotional. You tend to regard
others suspiciously and they must win your respect.  
You have doubts to the greatness of human nature,
but its only because you recognize the potential of the
negative qualities in yourself and assume everyone
else has them.  You respect self control, strong
opinions, and anything you associate with power
because these are qualities you recognize within

Most descriptions of Scorpio categorize you as
sexually obsessed. While it might be true that sex has
a greater hold over you than others, its is more about
the recognition of the power it holds and the longing
to be complete absorbed into another person.  You
are very firmly your own person and probably wouldn't
change a thing about yourself, yet you have an
overwhelming need to completely emerge with
another person. To love so deeply and intensely that
you are one person.  Often times this need within
yourself is ignored, because you consider it to
romantic or even silly, but especially because it lacks
control, and you are all about control.  

When you do love it tends to be strong and long
lasting. You do have a tendency to become
obsessed, especially in love matters.  You hate
superficial things, being more concerned with the
deeper aspects of life, like sex, love and death. You
have a great ability to change yourself, to act like one
of the symbols of your sign, the Phoenix, and rise
above.  This is the lesson of Scorpio, to disregard
obsessions, recognize revenge as the boomerang it
is, respect the will of others, and learn forgiveness, for
others and yourself- to rise above.  When this
potential within you is recognized you have a
tremendous ability to help and heal others.
October 24th to November 22nd
Element: Water
Modality: Fixed
Planet: Pluto (co ruler is Mars)
Symbol: The Scorpion or Phoenix
Colors: Deep red
Body Part: The reproductive organs
Sun Sign Scorpio
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