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You are sensible, loyal, materialistic and possessive.
You have strong values and nothing can change your
mind.  The word stubborn doesn’t begin to describe
your attitude once you set your mind to something.  
Nobody can make you do anything, unless you want to.  
You like to think of it as being patient, and you are, but
you are the most stubborn sign in the zodiac.  

Actually you tend to take a perverse pleasure in being
stubborn and thwarting others.  You are not flighty and
it takes some time to gain your interest in things, but
once you are, you are devoted.  This can extend to
ideas, people and material possessions.  This can lead
you to be very possessive, jealous and selfish of what
you are devoted to.  You love your luxuries. You take
great sensual pleasure in most of your undertakings.  
Although your not the type to sweep anyone off their
feet, you have a definite romantic side- more of a wine
and dine and seduction-after-dinner style.  You
probably have never experienced love at first sight, but
once you love, it is a deep and steady love and usually
lasts forever.

You make a fantastic loyal and steady friend, lover,
parent or whatever you put your mind to.  You are slow
to anger, taking most things in stride, but once you do
get mad- watch out world.  The home is very important
to you because it offers you stability- a place where you
know just everything and how it will be.  You don’t like
to change and sudden thing tend to upset you. You like
what is comfortable and familiar.  Security is important
to you and thus so is money.  In these matters you are
very practical and can save up money with seeming

You are generous with loved ones, but when you don’t
like someone it is as if they don’t exist at all.  To you
they don’t because they have no value.  You can be
The lessons of a Taurus is to learn not to make value
judgments on others.  You tend to see value only in a
material way, ignoring the more spiritual aspects of life.  
Other lessons of a Taurus is to respect other peoples
will and to recognize that love is not about possessing
another person.  
April 21 to May 21st
Element: Earth
Modality: Fixed
Planet: Venus
Symbol: The Bull
Color: pink, pastels
Body part: The neck and throat
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