August 24th to September 21rd
Element: Earth
Modality: Mutable
Planet: Mercury
Symbol: The Virgin
Colors: Green and Brown
Body Part:  The stomach and
nervous system
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You are practical, realistic and dependable.  You pride
yourself on your ability to be down to earth and see the
world as it is, not through rose-colored glasses.  
However, you do tend to see the world in a cynical and
critical way.  While you are a realist, there is also
disappointment and disapproval, in your opinion, of how
the world is.  In this sense you are a idealist and have
firm ideas of how things should be.   You can put
people off with your tendencies to be too critical and
knit-picking.  Yet you are even more hyper critical of
yourself  and a perfectionist.  You see your own faults
clearly and punish yourself for your weaknesses.  

As a friend and lover you are extremely caring, going to
great lengths to do nice things for others.  You tend to
show people you care by doing concrete things, like
cooking dinner, rather than using words. You have a
reserved demeanor and will withdraw into yourself in
uncomfortable situations. It usually takes a while for
people to get to know you.  Quick minded, you make
connections faster than others and your wit and play on
words can be hilarious.  You are always dependable
and your sincerity lends a certain charm and innocence
to those that appreciate you.  

Helping others makes you feel good and you are likely
to seek your career in a some field of service.  Life is a
serious matter to you and you are concerned with doing
everything the right and proper way.  You cringe when
you think you’ve made a fool of yourself- being held in
high regard by others is important to you.  You can be
scolding, prissy, fussy and worry too much.   You want
all aspects of your life to be in order and can become
pessimistic and a kill-joy when things don’t go the way
you think it should.  

You tend to be a hard worker and take pride in your
attention to detail and responsibleness.  Routines give
you satisfaction because you like to know just what to
expect and knowing your doing a job well done.  The
proper chain of command or a knowable hierarchy is
important to you.          
The lesson of a Virgo is to learn tolerance, see the
bigger picture, and to distinguish between the important
and unimportant and stop stretching yourself so thin.  In
learning a balanced sense of judgement and priorities
you will better be able to relax and enjoy life as it is, not
as it should be.
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