Planning Your Wedding With Astrology
With Tips and Advice
Your Wedding Date

Avoid Mercury Retrograde
A retrograded Mercury (apparent backwards motion) is not good for
marriages as it implies stalled and inhibited communication.  Its also a good
idea to avoid Mercury retrograded within a couple weeks of the wedding as it
can reap havoc with the preparation.

Saturn Returns
Many couples get married during one or both partners Saturn Return.  It is
best to avoid an exact aspect (within a two degree orb) of the individuals
Saturn return, especially if it makes negative aspects within the own natal

Deciding What is Important
What is that you and your partner want out of the marriage?  A good
wedding chart is great at helping you empathizes what is important to you.  
Here I list several factors important to couples and what an astrologer can
look for, specifically with aspects, strengths, rulerships and house placement.

Friendship - Good aspects to and with Uranus and Mercury.  Strong 11th

Financial Security - Strong 2nd house.  Strong and beneficial aspects with
Venus.  Positive Venus and Saturn aspects are best for long term.   8th
house (but be careful here).

Stable Home Life - Strong 4th house, especially with rulerships and
aspects between.  Good Moon aspects (especially avoid Saturn and
Uranus) and strong Cancer influence.  The North Node might also be

Sex Life - Strong aspects between Venus and Mars, Venus and Pluto and
Mars and Pluto.  Strong 8th house connections and possibly the 5th house
as well.

Children - Strong 5th house, especially by rulerships and the aspects.  
Positive Moon aspects (also good to have the Moon in positive aspect/sign
with parents if already have children).   Leo influence.

Mental Stimulation- Strong Mercury with aspects, house and rulerships.  
Emphasis with 3rd and 9th house.   

Social Relationships - Strong Venus and Uranus, 7th and 11th house
influence, Libra and Aquarius.

Romance - 5th house emphases and strong aspects with Venus, Jupiter
and Neptune, especially together.  Leo and Pisces influences.

Written 8-29-05
Tina Botnan
Vega Attractions Astrologer
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How We Choose Wedding Dates
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In planning your wedding an astrologer can
be very useful.   Like chart comparison or
synastry, choosing a wedding date is
important to the success of a marriage.   A
skilled astrologer can help you select the
best days and times for your wedding.  A
good wedding date can help negate some of
the problems in the relationship and
strengthen the positive.   Here are some
astrological tips for planning a wedding.