A marriage is one of the most important events in a persons life.   It is, in
many senses, a business contract, where two people join their lives
together and act as partners.   In astrology, the marriage chart assumes
an identity separate from the actual relationship the two people share
(synastry).  It
does not supersede or replace the relationship the couple
already has.  Rather the two work together.

Astrologically choosing a good wedding date will not make or break a
relationship; that information is contained within the relationship itself.  
However, it can strengthen what the couple lacks in synastry, or it can
further weaken already sensitive areas of the relationship.  

Because the marriage has a separate identity, we at Vega Attractions
place the most importance on the Sun.  In all branches of Astrology, the
Sun is one of the most important influences because it represents the
ego, personality and basic characteristics of the subject being studied.  
We look for strong, harmonious aspects to the Sun and Moon foremost.  
Then the personal planets.  We have divided our system in to 6 steps for
your ease of understanding.  

Step 1:
The first thing we do is scan the ephemeris for good, tight aspects and
note these days.   

Step 2:  
We compare these dates to the ones the couple has given us and see if
there are matches.  (If there are not, we go through each date the couple
gave us and examine the wedding day individually).

Step 3:
Then we step back and examine the couples relationship.   We note the
most harmonious and inharmonious influences in the couples synastry.  
To narrow our selection down we focus first on which Sun and Moon
signs would be best for the couple and also within the wedding day itself.

Step 4:
After looking at both the couples synastry, the wedding compatibility
(within it self) we compare the two and make sure it is harmonious in all
comparisons.  We place special importance on the couples harmonious
and inharmonious influences in their relationship.  We then try to bolster
both the positive and negative of the relationship within the wedding

Step 5:
Once the dates are selected we begin rectifying the Wedding chart itself,
looking for the tightest orbs and house placements.  We favor having the
Sun and Moon in the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, or 11th house and
automatically reject any time where they fall in the 8th or 12th house.  
We also avoid many other negative influences.  For example having the
planet Mars in the 12th house is symbolic of possible suppressed,
contained, inhibited, angry energy and we would avoid this.

Step 6:
After selecting the dates, including best times and worst times, we make
up the list for the couple and give our picks (1st, 2nd and so on), on both
the date and time.  

We try to give the couple no less than 3 different days.  Each day is also
given the optimal time for saying your vows.  

A final word on Wedding Charts:
No wedding chart is perfect.  We can not select a couple’s perfect
wedding date.  We cannot select a wedding date that will guarantee a
lasting marriage.  As noted earlier a good wedding chart will not make a
bad relationship work.  We do our best to choose a great wedding date
for a couple, but there will always be a few bad aspects.  Within these
negative influences we work to make sure they don’t exaggerate any
unharmonious influences already present in the relationship.   
Learn more about our Wedding Date Report
Planning Your Wedding With Astrology - Tips and Advice.
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How We Choose Wedding Dates
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