Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Rafaeli
Leonardo DiCaprio
November 11, 1974
Los Angeles, CA
2:47 am
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Moon Sign: Libra
Bar Rafaeli
June 4, 1985
unknown birth time
Sun Sign: Gemini
Moon Sign: Sagittarius or Capricorn
It’s easy to see why this couple is together - the attraction
is rampant!  In Leonardo’s chart, his Mercury is conjunct
Uranus and would be a key in what attracts him and
keeps him interested.  Bar’s Venus is opposite this,
adding major sparks.  She also conjunct this with her
Pluto.  This is good as Leo is Pluto ruled (his Sun is in
Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto).  Leo’s Pluto is trine her
Sun, a very nice aspect to have.  What strengthens this
further is both their Sun rulers are in trine.  Bar’s a Gemini
so Mercury is one of her planetary rulers, and it’s in trine
to Leo’s Pluto.  Such positive aspects between rulers can
be critical and very telling in relationships.
Speaking of rulers, Leo’s Moon ruler (Venus) is not well
aspected.  Venus is also an especially important planet to
Leonardo, as Libra is also his Ascendant.  Bar aspects
this negatively with a conjunction from her Saturn.  This
could be of added importance as Saturn is the ruler of
Capricorn and Bar could have either a Capricorn or
Sagittarius Moon.   With her Saturn on his Venus (and
Sun too), this will add a damper to the relationship, with
Leonardo feeling overburdened or responsible for Bar.
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Of concern in this compatibility is a cardinal T-square.  It
consists of Bar’s Mercury opposite Leonardo’s Neptune,
both square his Jupiter.   Mercury is sensitive to Bar and
being in opposition to Neptune gives this relationship
idealism and romance.  It could also as likely bring them
disappointment and disillusionment.   Leo’s Jupiter will
also tend to exaggerate this stress in the relationship.  
Leonardo and Bar have another aspect pattern called a
Grand Trine.  It’s in air, a good mutual element for them,
consisting of her Sun, his Moon and her Jupiter.   With a
repeat of Jupiter especially, this will go a long way to
easing the stress of their T-square pattern.
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Astrology of Leonardo DiCaprio & Bar Rafaeli
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gemini and scorpio love match
gemini and scorpio love match
This article written: 2007
Couple Update:  split May 2011