Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds
Jessica Biel
March 3, 1982
Ely, Minnesota
unknown birth time
Sun Sign: Pisces
Moon Sign: Gemini or
Ryan Reynolds
October 23, 1976
Vancouver, Canada
unknown birth time
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Moon Sign: Scorpio
With unknown birth times for both individuals, this
relationship compatibility is harder to study.  However, we
can narrow down the Moon signs for both.  Jessica has a
Gemini Moon and Ryan a Scorpio Moon.  Giving them, by
sign at least, Sun trine Sun and Sun trine Moon, which
are great compatibility aspects.  By sign this couple is a
very classic fit
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Ryan’s Mars is conjunct Uranus and possibly his Moon
too, and both are trine Jessica’s Sun.  This gives major
attraction but could also be helpful for Ryan in calming
down this very exciting aspect with the steadiness of
Jessica’s Sun.  His Mars and Uranus is also involved in a
T-square, consisting of Jessica’s Mercury opposite Ryan’
s Saturn, squaring his Mars and Uranus.  This is negative
and stressful.  However, Jessica’s Mercury makes an
important trine to Ryan’s Pluto.  With Ryan being a
double Scorpio, and Pluto being the ruler of Scorpio, it’s
important that his is nicely aspected in relationships.  And
Mercury is Jessica’s Sun ruler - so this aspect is doubly
important and a very powerful indicator that this
relationship has good potential.
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pisces and scorpio love match
pisces and scorpio love match