Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz
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Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig are a Pisces couple - they
both have their sun signs in Pisces.   Daniel has his Moon
in Aries, while Rachel's Moon is either Cancer or Leo.  A
Leo Moon would work better for their compatibility.  A
Venus in Aquarius is good compatibility too.  
Some of Daniel's charm comes from his Venus sextile
Mars.  Rachel's Uranus opposes his Mars and this gives
strong sexual excitement and attraction.  Her Jupiter also
positively aspects it.
Judging from their Pallas aspects, this
Pisces couple
fights and is a break-up, make up couple.  They have
their Pallas opposite each other, a warning sign of a
couple who frequently fights.  Add onto this Daniel's
Uranus and Rachel's Pluto with a conjunction and
opposition and you have a very stubborn couple.   It could
be strong enough to eventually tear this couple apart.
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Rachel Weisz Astrological Profile
Daniel Craig Astrological Profile
Daniel Craig
Birthday:  March 2, 1968
Chester, United Kingdom
Birth time: unknown
Sun Sign:  Pisces
Moon Sign: Aries
Rachel Weisz
Birthday:  March 7, 1971
London, UK
Birth time:  unknown
Sun Sign:  Pisces
Moon Sign:  Cancer or Leo
daniel craig and rachel weisz compatibility chart
This article written: 2013
Couple Update:  still together January 2014
pisces and pisces love mtach
pisces and pisces love mtach
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