Drew Barrymore and Spike Jonze
Drew Barrymore
February 22, 1975
Culver City, California
birth time:  11:51 am
Sun Sign: Pisces
Moon Sign: Cancer
Sun/Moon:  Pisces/Cancer
Spike Jonze birth time is unknown and we can only narrow
down his Moon to Pisces or Aries.  A Pisces Moon would
be much better for the compatibility between Drew and
Spike.  Drew has a lot of water, a Cancer Moon and a
Pisces Sun and several other planets.  She needs
someone with water to truly get her.  Even fire (the other
element that is very emotional) would probably suit a bit
better than Spikes abundance of air.
Spike’s abundance of the air element comes from his Libra
stellium.  Libra, by sign and many aspects, is incompatible
with Drew’s Cancer Moon and indifferent to her Pisces
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Spike Jonze Astrological Profile
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Drew’s Venus or Jupiter is likely conjunct by Spike’s Moon,
which would be very nice to have.  Spike’s sun ruler, Venus
and thus an important planet, is conjunct Drew’s Pluto and
Uranus.  His Uranus is also thrown in and all speaks much
of the attraction and undoubtedly, the excitement between
The Moon is a very important planet for Drew and
unfortunately its involved in a cardinal T-square with this
compatibility.  Her Moon is opposite both their Mars and
square his Mercury and Jupiter.  Moon opposite Mars is a
harsh aspect to have (Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee
have it very stressed)  It’s involvement in a T-square
compounds the stress inherent both in the aspect, and the
aspect pattern of a T-square.
While knowing Spikes birth time could help the analysis of
this compatibility, as it stands, I don’t see this relationship
lasting long.
Spike Jonze
October 22, 1969
Rockville, Maryland
birth time: unknown
Sun Sign: Libra
Moon Sign: Pisces or
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This article written: 2007
Couple Update:  split sometime 2007
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