Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie
Hilary Duff
September 28, 1987
Houston, Texas
birth time: unknown
Sun Sign: Libra
Moon Sign: Sagittarius
Mike Comrie
September 11, 1980
Edmonton, Canada
birth time: unknown
Sun Sign: Virgo
Moon Sign: Libra
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hilary duff and mike comrie compatibility chart
Both birth times are unknown for this couple.  However,
we can be sure that Hilary has her Moon in Sagittarius
and Mike has his Moon in Libra.  It’s possible his Moon is
conjunct her Venus and this is one of the nicest aspects
to have in compatibility because it gives love affection
and tenderness.   Hilary is also a sun sign Libra and a
shared Sun or Moon combination is a great sign of

Mike has his Mercury conjunct her Sun so this celebrity
couple has plenty to talk about.    Hilary’s Sun sextile his
Venus gives affection.   Mike could be Hilary’s ideal
man.   With his Sun conjunct Jupiter and Juno in Virgo, he
can be sexy, appealing and popular.   This conjunction is
right on Hilary’s Mars.  Mars in a woman’s chart typically
points to her ideal man and Mike powerfully aspects this
for Hilary.    His Mars is also conjunct her Pluto and this is
a super sexual attraction aspect.  

This couple has plenty of compatibility and sexual
attraction with good friendship and communication
indications too.   I look to Saturn to show commitment and
long term relationships.  The houses are also very
revealing, but with unknown birth times the houses can’t
be calculated.    Unfortunately, this couple has some
negative Saturn aspects.   

Mikes’ many planets in Virgo are also in square to Hilary’s
Saturn.  Squares indicate conflicts or problems.   They
have another square, with Mike’s Saturn square Hilary’s
Uranus opposite Chiron.    Hilary’s Uranus opposite
Chiron is an important aspect; it gives her a unique
viewpoint and with it trine her Mercury, she expresses it
very well.   Mike’s Saturn square energy here could come
across as too authoritative, restrictive or demanding
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This article written: 2012
Couple Update:  Split January 2014
libra and virgo love match
libra and virgo love match