Eva Longoria and Tony Parker
Eva Longoria
March 15, 1975
Corpus Christi, Texas
birth time unknown
Sun Sign: Pisces
Moon Sign: Aries or Taurus
Tony Parker
May 17, 1982
Brugge, Belgium
birth time unknown
Sun Sign: Taurus
Moon Sign: Pisces
With both birth times unknown, studying the relationship
compatibility of Eva and Tony is incomplete.  However,
we can narrow down Tony’s Moon sign to Pisces and its
very likely that Eva has a Aries Moon.   This celebrity
couple has some good basic compatibility between them.

The first thing is there Suns in a tight sextile.  This is
harmonious and often times the minor sextile aspect is
underrated.  Eva’s Pisces Sun is joined by Tony’s Pisces
Sun, another great compatibility indicator.  

With Pisces being prominent in this couple, Neptune
becomes a very prominent planet.  Eva and Tony are
twice blessed in this - both their Neptunes are in trine to
each other Venus.  It doesn't get much more loving and
ultra romantic than that, which should suit this sensitive
and dreamy Pisces couple.
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Both their Neptunes also receive some harsh aspects.  
With Tony’s Neptune, its in square to Eva’s Sun.  With
Eva’s Neptune, its in opposition to his Mercury.  Any
harsh aspect to Neptune can often lead to unrealistic
expectations and disappointments.

This Pisces and Taurus couple have an aspect pattern
called a T-square.  It consists of Eva’s Pluto conjunct
Tony’s Saturn, opposite his Venus, all of which is square
her Saturn.  T-squares are strong energy patterns, that
give both attraction, stress and conflict in relationships.  
That both Saturns are present suggest this couple has a
lot to learn from each other.   How much the stress will
affect Eva and Tony will depend greatly on their maturity
level as Saturn is all about duty and responsibility.

One nice thing to note in this compatibility is their loose
Grand Trine in Air.  It involves Eva’s Mars and Pluto and
Tony’s Mercury.  Grand Trines greatly add to both
attraction and overall compatibility. That Eva’s Pluto is
involved in both aspect patterns is telling - this
relationship will have a big impact on her.  By extension of
orb, Tony’s Saturn is also likewise involved in both

Known birth times would greatly increase the
understanding of this compatibility.  As it stands, this
couple has a fair chance of having a lasting and
harmonious relationship
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pisces and taurus love match
pisces and taurus love match
This article written: June 2007
Couple Update:  split November 2010