Astrology of Famous Couples
Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock
Pamela Anderson
July 1, 1967
Ladysmith, Canada
4:08 am
Sun Sign: Cancer
Moon Sign: Aries
Kid Rock
January 17, 1971
Romeo, Michigan
birth time unknown
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Moon Sign: Virgo or Libra
Although Kid Rock's birth time is unknown we can narrow
down his Moon from 28 Virgo to 10 Libra.   Pamela and Kid
Rock have mostly negative aspects between them.  Pamela's
Moon is in square to Kid's Sun.  It's possible that his Moon is
also in a square to her Sun.  It's also probable that Kid's
Moon is opposite Pamela's Saturn - a very stressful and
emotionally draining aspect.   Pamela's Venus is square Kid's
Mars which shows the attraction between them.   Their
Jupiter trine Venus is also an aspect that indicates attraction
and the ability to have fun together.  The worst part of their
compatibility is the extremely stressful and crippling Grand
Cross.  It involves her Moon, Mercury and Mars and his Sun.
The compatibility between them is similar to (and just as
negative) as the compatibility between
Pamela and Tommy
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Kid Rock Profile
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cancer and capricorn love match
cancer and capricorn love match
This article written: 2005
Couple Update:  Split November 2006
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