Astrology of Famous Couples
Sandra Bullock
July 26, 1964
Arlington, Virginia
3:15 am
Sun Sign: Leo
Moon Sign: Aquarius
Tate Donovan
September 25, 1963
Tenafly, New Jersey
birth time : Unknown
Sun Sign: Libra
Moon Sign: Sagittarius or Capricorn
There is surprisingly few significant compatibility aspects
between Sandra Bullock and Tate Donovan.  However, their
strongest connections involves their lights; the Sun and
Moon.  They have their Suns in sextile and this lends to an
easy and simple compatibility.  Their one really negative
aspect involves Sandra's Moon in conjunction with Tate's
Saturn.  This can be a very depressing and overwhelming
aspect to have in any relationship.  Besides their lack of
other aspects and connections, the Saturn conjunct Moon
was probably the eventual downfall of their relationship.
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