Astrology of Famous Couples
Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurely
Hugh Grant
September 9, 1960
London, United Kingdom
birth time: unknown
Sun Sign: Virgo
Moon Sign: Taurus
Elizabeth Hurely
June 10, 1965
Brasingstoke, United Kingdom
birth time: unknown
Sun Sign: Gemini
Moon Sign: Scorpio
Although both Hugh and Elizabeth's birth times are unknown,
we can be sure Hugh has a Taurus Moon and Elizabeth a
Scorpio Moon.  Its possible they are in opposition by aspect.  
This couple had their Suns and Venus squared, which
speaks of their basic differences in conflict with each other.  
Elizabeth's Saturn was also opposite Hughs Sun, setting up
a T-Square with her Sun and Saturn and his Sun.  
T-squares have a lot of energy, but it can be difficult to direct
them creatively, especially in compatibility, making it very
stressful. Considering that this couple was together for a
number of years, its likely that their Ascendants made a
number of positive aspects in the chart.
Hugh Grant Profile
Elizabeth Hurely Profile
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