Astrology of Famous Couples
Angelina Jolie
June 4, 1975
Los Angeles, California
9:09 am
Sun Sign: Gemini
Moon Sign: Aries
Billy Bob Thorton
August 4, 1955
Hot Springs, Arkansas
birth time : Unknown
Sun Sign: Leo
Moon Sign: Aquarius
Although Billy Bob's birth time is unknown, we can be sure
that his Moon is in Aquarius from 16 to 28 degrees.  This
celebrity couple had an amazing amount of significant
compatibility aspects together.  This list includes Sun sextile
Sun, Sun trine Moon, and a couple of nice Jupiter aspects.

This Gemini and Leo couple were a good match in the
elements and they also had a crazy fire trine that involved
Angelina's Moon, Mars and Neptune and Billy Bob's Sun,
Mercury, Mars and Jupiter.    

So what in the compatibility was negative?   First, this
celebrity couple had almost no square aspects between
them.  They had Venus square Uranus, Neptune square
Venus and their Uranus in square to each other.   Square
aspects are challenging but they also provide some friction
and tension that every relationship needs to keep it

The couple also had very few Saturn aspects; mostly that
Billy Bob's made inconjuncts to Angelina's Sun, Moon, Mars
and Jupiter.  Saturn aspects, while usually stressful, is one
of the top indicators that the relationship will be long lasting.  
Another possible factor is that with both individuals having
such strong charts, neither was interested  in compromising
(or could find the astrological connections to do so).  
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Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton
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