Astrology of Famous Couples
Robert De Niro
August 17, 1943
3:00 am
New York, New York
Sun Sign: Leo
Moon Sign: Pisces
Ashley Judd
April 19, 1968
1:12 pm
Granada Hills, California
Sun Sign: Aries
Moon Sign: Aquarius
Robert and Ashley had a lot of nice connections together for
a celebrity couple.  Besides their Suns being in trine (by
sign), Robert's Sun received several nice aspects from
Ashley's Jupiter and Ascendant.  

Venus was a prominent planet in this couples compatibility.  
Robert's Venus made a trine to Mars (sexual attraction) and
Ashley's Venus made a trine to Jupiter and a Square to the

Probably the terminating connection in this relationship was
a T-Square.  In Roberts chart he has Moon opposite
Mercury conjunct Venus all squared his Saturn.  Ashley
aspects this with a Uranus conjunct Pluto which is conjunct
Robert's Mercury and Venus.  What makes this an
especially bad T-Square is it involves both individuals 7th
house rulers; Roberts Saturn and Ashley's Uranus, in a tight
tight square to one another. This and their lack of Moon
connections probably ended their Aries and Leo love match.
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Ashley Judd and Robert De Niro
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