Jude Law and Sadie Frost
Jude Law
December 29, 1972
London, England
6:00 am
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Moon Sign: Libra
Sadie Frost
June 19, 1965
London, United Kingdom
unknown birth time
Sun Sign: Gemini
Moon Sign: Aquarius or Pisces
Individual Astrology
Although Sadie’s birth time is unknown, the compatibility
between her and Jude Law is pretty clear.  They form some
very nice aspects, including Jude’s Moon in trine to Sadie’s
Sun.  Its also very likely that their Moons are in trine to each
other, which is a wonderful compatibility aspect.  Its also
likely Sadie’s Moon forms a square to Jude’s Mars, which
can be a very stressful aspect.  However, this couple has
what usually amounts to the “kiss of death” astrologically
speaking.  They form a Grand Cross.  In Sadie’s natal chart,
she has a t-square which involves her Saturn opposite Pluto
and Uranus, which is square her Jupiter.  Jude’s planets get
involved with his Saturn conjunct her Jupiter and his Venus
opposite them both.  In Sadie’s chart she has an outlet for
her t-square with her water trine involving Saturn, Neptune
and Venus.  The energy of the Grand Cross is such that
most “outlets” in a relationship are not enough, and this
couple does not have any.
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