Astrology of Famous Couples
Rebecca Romijn
November 6, 1972
Berkely, California
birth time: unknown
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Moon Sign: Scorpio
John Stamos
August 19, 1963
Cyrpress, California
birth time: unknown
Sun Sign: Leo
Moon Sign: Leo or Virgo
Although both Rebecca and John's birth times are
unknown, we can be sure Rebecca's Moon is in Scorpio
between 17 and 28 degrees, and John's Moon is between
25 Leo and 8 Virgo.  With this couple there was a real lack
of significant compatibility aspects.  The strongest is John's
Saturn squared Rebecca's Sun - a challanging aspect.  
With the ability to narrow down where Rebecca's Moon is,
we can be sure it will make a square to some of John's
planets in Leo, including (possibly), Sun, Venus and
Saturn.  Its also possible their Moons were squared.  
Considering that this couple was together for years, its
likely they had strong aspects with their Ascendants.
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Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos
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