Astrology of Famous Couples
Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConaughey
Sandra Bullock
July 26, 1964
Arlington, Virginia
3:15 am
Sun Sign: Leo
Moon Sign: Aquarius
Matthew McConaughey
November 4 1969
Uvalde, Texas
birth time: unknown
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Moon Sign: Virgo
Matthew and Sandra had many significant relationship
aspects between them, many involving the love planet
Venus.  Sandra's Moon was trine both Matthew's Venus and
his Jupiter.  Her Venus was also in trine to both his Venus
and his Jupiter.   Moon, Venus and Jupiter connections is
great to have in any compatibility.  Sandra's Ascendant was
also trine Matthew's Venus.
On the down side, Sandra's Sun squared Matthew's Saturn;  
the aspect indicates troubles with commitment and
responsibility. The abundance of Venus aspects were all
these two had.   Such an emphasis on Venus aspects
indicates an instant attraction to each other and sometimes
just a love affair, as was probably the case for Matthew and
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