Nicole Kiman and Tom Cruise
Nicole Kidman
June 20, 1967
Honolulu, Hawaii
12:05 pm
Sun Sign: Gemini
Moon Sign: Sagittarius
Tom Cruise
July 3, 1962
Syracuse, New York
3:06 pm
Sun Sign: Cancer
Moon Sign: Leo
Tom and Nicole had an amazing amount of aspect but not a
high score of compatibility.  I've noticed that many long
lasting celebrity marriages tend to have this (
Demi and
Bruce for one).   

Some of the nices aspects for this mega Hollywood couple
was conjunct Venuses and trine Moons.   Both of these
aspects are considered some of the best to have in
compatibility.  Tom's Moon was conjunct Nicole's Jupiter,
another nice aspect to have.  Nicole's Mars was in sextile to
Tom's Venus - a sign of sexual attraction.  

This celebrity couple had two harsh Saturn aspects - Tom's
Sun square her Saturn and Nicoles Venus opposite his
Saturn.  Saturn aspects usually indicate a stressful area
and one where there are lessons to be learned from the
other person.   Tom and Nicole also had a T-Square with
Nicole's Jupiter and Venus and Tom's Saturn and Neptune
(and possibly his Moon and Venus by extension of orbs).   
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