Gwyneth Paltrow and Luke Wilson
Luke Wilson
September 21, 1971
Dallas, Texas
unknown birth time
Sun Sign: Virgo
Moon Sign: Libra
Gwyneth Paltrow
September 28, 1972
Los Angeles, California
5:25 pm
Sun Sign: Libra
Moon Sign: Gemini
Although Luke’s birth time is unknown, we know his Moon
made many positive aspects to Gwyneth’s.  Its likely that his
Moon made a trine to her Saturn and Moon, a sextile to her
Venus and a conjunct to her Moon.  All of this is wonderful
and there are more positive indicators, such as his Sun in
her 7th house, a Sun trine Saturn and a Venus conjunct
Mars aspect.  However, Luke’s Sun is in a tight square to
Gwyneth’s Moon and its involved in an intercepted T-
square.  The T-square involves Gwyneth’s Moon opposite
Jupiter, which is square her Mars conjunct Pluto and his
Sun conjunct Pluto.  Sun and Moon in a T-square usually
spells trouble, but throwing in Pluto speaks of issues and
friction with power and especially power struggles.  Besides
the basic inharmony of Sun and Moon, Luke brought
nothing new to Gwyneth.  Overlaying his chart with hers, we
can see that all his planets fall in her already occupied
houses.  In a romantic compatibility, it is very nice to see the
other person fill some of the individuals empty houses,
which Luke does not do.
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