Halle Berry and Gabriele Aubry
Halle Berry
August 14, 1966
Cleveland, OH
11:59 pm
Sun Sign: Leo
Moon Sign: Leo
Gabriel Aubry
January 4, 1976
Montreal, Canada
unknown birth time
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Moon Sign: Aquarius
This couple has a strange compatibility - astrologically
speaking.   Many of the aspects between them are loose
and its hard to pinpoint what or where the attraction is.  
Gabriele is a Capricorn Sun with Moon in Aquarius.  Halle
is a double Leo with a lot of water planets.   While the
oppositions speak of attraction (though not many within
orb) it also leads to difficulties.  
Halle’s water planets are, by and large, unfavorably
aspected with Gabrieles cardinal planets.   In Halle’s
chart, she has a stellinium in Cancer that involves her
Venus, Mars and Jupiter.  Adding importance is her
Saturn trining this aspect pattern.  Probably a successful
relationship for her would have her partner very favorably
aspect these planets.  Gabriele does not.
Technically, Gabrieles Venus does aspect Halle’s most
important planets, but it’s also out of sign (in Sagittarius).  
His Venus, is probably the most positive connection this
couple shares.  Its in harmony with Halle’s Leoness and
in trine to her Moon.  Yet, some of benefits of their Moon
trine Mercury is deluded by her Moon being in opposition
to his Mercury, and set off by a T-square with his
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Gabriel Aubry Astrological Profile
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Perhaps Gabrielle’s birthday is listed wrong, or Halle’s
birth time is not accurate.  It’s possible that Gabrielle’s
ascendant and thus also his ruler makes some very nice
and critical aspects to Halle’s chart.  This would help
offset their difficulties and give them more basic
Halle Berry and Michael Ealy Relationship Compatibility
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This article written: 2007
Couple Update:  split April 2010
capricorn and leo love match
capricorn and leo love match