Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown
Whitney Houston
August 9, 1963
East Orange, New Jersey
birth time: 8:55 pm
Sun Sign: Leo
Moon Sign: Aries
Bobby Brown
February 5, 1969
Boston, Massachusetts
birth time: 5:21 am
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Moon Sign: Virgo
Bobby and Whitney have an interesting compatibility.  
They have plenty of aspects, which is an indication of a
strong connection.  Some of their strongest connections
comes from their planets in each others houses.  
With Whitney, her Sun sits in his 7th house and Bobby’s
Moon sits in her 7th house.  This is made more powerful
in the fact that Bobby’s Moon is his 7th house ruler.  
Bobby’s 1st house ruler, Saturn, is also strongly
aspecting Whitney’s chart with a conjunction to her Moon
conjunct Jupiter.  
However, Whitney’s 1st and 7th rulers are not strongly
connected to Bobby - at least postively.  Her Neptune (1st
house ruler) is involved in a large T-square.  Their T-
Square involves her Venus conjunct Sun which is
opposite her Saturn conjunct his Moon, all of which is
square her Neptune and his Mars.  
Another interesting note on this couple is their numerous
Saturn connections.   Whitney’s Sun is trine Bobby’s
Saturn, her Moon conjunct his and her Saturn conjunct
his Sun.  Although their aspects and their compatibility in
general is altogether negative, such strong Saturn
aspects speak of their long term marriage to each other.  
Saturn aspects are ties that bind and are often referred to
as the “glue” in a relationship.  Considering their overall
negative compatibility however, this relationship is likely
to end eventually.
Whitney Houston's Chart
Bobby Brown's Chart
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leo and aquarius love match
leo and aquarius love match
This article written: 2005
Couple Update:  split September 2006
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