Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer
With John’s unknown birth time, this compatibility is not
complete.  However, with the information known, this
couple has a lot going for them.  John definitely has a
Sagittarius Moon, same as Jennifer and their Sun’s are in
exact trine; this gives great affinity and basic
compatibility.  John’s Sun sits right on Jen’s Ascendant
indicating that he finds irresistible.  (Ascendant aspects
like these are instant and intense signs of attraction).  
Another powerful aspect is John’s Mars on Jen’s
Midheaven.  This can be very energizing to the
relationship and the couple could be motivated to
accomplish many things together (sorta reminds me of
Angelina and Brad actually).  This aspect can also
indicate a dominating attitude on the part of John.  The
couple has a high stress aspect with John’s Saturn in
opposition to Jen’s Sun.  However, it’s greatly offset by its
involvement in a grand fire trine with her Moon and
Saturn.  Such strong Saturn aspects also indicate a long
term relationship.   Altogether, with information known, I
believe this couple has a good chance for a lasting
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This article written: 2008
Couple Update:  split March 2009