Jessica Simpson and John Mayer
Jessica Simpson
July 10, 1980
Waco, Texas
unknown birth time
Sun Sign: Cancer
Moon Sign: Gemini or Cancer
John Mayer
October 16, 1977
Bridgeport, Connecticut
unknown birth time
Sun Sign: Libra
Moon Sign: Capricorn orAquarius
With unknown birth times for both Jessica and John, this
compatibility is harder to read.  Jessica’s Moon sign is
either Gemini or Cancer.  John’s Moon we know is
One thing this couple has in common is they both have (in
their natal charts) Sun conjunct Mercury.   This is a good
aspect to share and probably gives them great friendship
ties and good conversation.  They are in square to each
other and so their arguments and fights could get very
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The attraction between this celebrity couple is most shown
by John’s Venus conjunct Jessica’s Mars.  Her Venus in
trine to his Pluto also adds a very sexual element to the
attraction.   Jessica’s Venus is also opposite his Neptune.  
This lends a feel or romance and fated feeling to the
relationship, like they were meant to be together.          
However, when Neptune is involved (especially in
opposition), its best to beware of issues like denial and
illusions and things not being quite what they seem.   This
is compounded by a loose square from Jessica’s Saturn,
making this a loose T-square.  It’s also possible that John’s
Sagittarius Moon falls within orb.  John’s possible Moon
involvement would greatly heighten the romance and
emotional relating but also add focus to the negative side of
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cancer and libra love match
cancer and libra love match
This article written: 2007
Couple Update:  split June 2007