Lindsay Lohan and Jude Law
Lindsay Lohan
July 2, 1986
New York, New York
unknown birth time
Sun Sign: Cancer
Moon Sign: Taurus
Jude Law
December 29, 1972
London, United Kingdom
birth time: 6:00 am
Sun Sign: Capricorn
Moon Sign: Libra
They say opposites attract and in Jude and Lindsay case,
this is true.  Their Suns are in opposition to each other,
which is attracting but does tend to be ultimately repelling
too.  Their opposite suns are also involved in a T-square
with Jude’s Pluto squaring.   This suggest the couple will
have some real conflicts in the form of power - power
struggles, power games, etc.
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Jude Law Astrological Profile
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Excitement and attraction are abound in this relationship.  
Jude’s Moon conjunct Uranus is an exciting and attracting
aspect for him.  Lindsay aspect this with her Venus by
sextile and her Mars by square.  Lot of attraction and
sexual tension.  Uranus is also thrown into the mix again
with Lindsay’s Uranus in conjunction to his Mercury and
Another exciting aspect between this couple is Jude’s
Jupiter conjunct her Mars; they like to have fun together,
to do it in style and in a big way.
However, that’s about the extent of their relationship -
astrologically speaking.  They make few other significant
compatibility aspects together.  Very telling is their lack of
important Saturn connections.  Saturn is the “glue” in a
relationship, and indicative of long term potential.  Lindsay’
s Saturn is conjunct Jude’s Neptune and his Saturn is
opposite her Uranus.  Neither aspect is very indicative of
anything beyond a casual relationship.
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