Lance Armstrong and Ashley Olsen
Lance Armstrong
September 18, 1971
Dallas, Texas
unknown birth time
Sun Sign: Virgo
Moon Sign: Virgo
Ashley Olsen
June 13, 1986
Van Nuys, California
9:43 am
Sun Sign: Gemini
Moon Sign: Virgo
Although Lance’s birth time is unknown, we can be sure
he is a double Virgo with both his Sun and Moon in this
sign.   This makes a nice (sign) aspect with Ashley’s own
Virgo Moon.  However, her Gemini Sun and Leo
Ascendant are not harmonizing well with his
One the classic signs of attraction in this odd couple is
Lance’s Mars conjunct Ashley’s 7th house cusp.  She
definitely likes him and probably sees him as her ideal
kind of man.   This couple has a particularly nasty T-
square with their Saturns in opposition and both square
his Mercury.  The Mercury is especially important as it’s
the ruler of Lance’s Virgo-ness.
Ashley’s Mercury does make a nice sextile to this pattern
though, and he may find that she helps him deal with
stress and other mental problems.   This is a couple that
shows attraction and friendship but there are few signs of
this being a long term or fulfilling relationship.
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gemini and virgo love match
gemini and virgo love match