Benji Madden and Sophie Monk
Benji Madden
March 11, 1979
Waldorf, Maryland
unknown birth time
Sun Sign: Pisces
Moon Sign: Leo or Virgo
Sophie Monk
December 14, 1979
England (unknown city)
unknown birth time
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Moon Sign: Libra
Benji Madden Astrological Profile
Sophie Monk Astrological Profile
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With unknown birth times for Benji and Sophie, the
compatibility is incomplete.  Additionally, sources quote
Sophie’s birth location only as England (or United
Kingdom), without a city.  Benji has either a Leo or Virgo
Moon (Leo being most likely) and it’s almost certain
Sophie has a Libra Moon.
By just signs, this couple is a hit and miss.  Their Moon
are likely in sextile to each other which is good, but their
Suns are in near exact square (stress) and this is fairly
rare to see in marriage partners (this couple is engaged).  
Sophie’s Venus is in sextile to Benji’s Sun - this is always
a nice compatibility aspect, made more important to this
couple with Benji Sun being the ruler of his Moon (likely
Leo) and Sophie’s Venus being the ruler of her Moon.  
Benji’s Neptune is conjunct her Sun giving both romance
and sensitivity to the relationship.  They have a major
aspect with Sophie’s Mars conjunct Jupiter, conjunct
Benji’s Saturn in opposition to his Mars - giving their
relationship excitement and fun.   Saturn, which often acts
as “glue” in a relationship and is indicative of something
long term, is also very strongly aspected for this couple.
There are some strong indicators that their relationship
has good potential to be lasting and harmonious, but
without known birth times, this study of their astrological
compatibility is incomplete.
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This article written: 2007
Couple Update:  broke up February 2008
pisces and sagittarius love match
pisces and sagittarius love match