Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson
Kate Hudson
April 19, 1979
Los Angeles, CA
birth time: 10:51 am
Sun Sign: Aries
Moon Sign: Capricorn
Owen Wilson
November 18, 1968
Dallas, Texas
birth time unknown
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Moon Sign: Libra or Scorpio
The study of Owen and Kate’s relationship compatibility is
incomplete with Owen’s unknown birth time.  We can
narrow down his Moon sign to either Libra or Scorpio.  In
this compatibility, a Scorpio Moon would have a like
affinity (Mars) to Kate’s Aries Sun and a nice sextile to her
Capricorn Moon, by sign at least.  
If Owen does have a late Libra Moon (born early in the
morning) then this will have a particularly eruptable Grand
Cross.  T-squares are always stressful but this one would
involve both Kate’s Sun and Moon and her Jupiter and
Owen’s Moon - ouch!  I typically call Grand Crosses the
kiss of death in relationships - I’ve never seen one survive
for long with that aspect pattern.  The stress of this
pattern is tremendous.  While it does give attraction and
the extra spark of friction, especially in the beginning of
relationships, the pattern usually overwhelms most
Kate and Owen have another aspect pattern called a
Grand Trine.  Grand Trines are very nice to have in
relationships and can go a long way.  With this couple, it
consists of Owen’s Sun conjunct Neptune, in trine to
Jupiter and Venus.
Kate Hudson Astrological Profile
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Notice how Kate’s Jupiter is involved in both aspect
patterns.  This relationship will have a huge impact on
her.  And considering it’s the nature of Jupiter, its no
wonder that Owen excites and attracts her.
Again, this celebrity couple has yet another aspect
pattern - this one a T-square.  Though stressful and
exciting its lest potent than a grand cross.  Owen and
Kate’s T-square consists of his Jupiter, Uranus and Mars
in opposition to Kate’s Mercury and Mars, all of which is
square Owen’s Venus.   Both Mars, Venus and Uranus
and a dash of exuberant Venus?  Wow, that’s a lot of
energy and attraction!
With the potential of that Grand Cross, it’s hard to say if
this Aries and Scorpio couple have the right stuff to go the
distance and have a harmonious and fulfilling
relationship.  But with so many aspect patterns, it’s bound
to be a very interesting relationship!
Owen Wilson Astrological Profile
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aries scorpio love match
aries scorpio love match
This article written: 2007
Couple Update:  split April 2009