Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon
Rick Salomon
January 24, 1968
Ashbury Park, New Jersey
unknown birth time
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Moon Sign: Scorpio or Sagittarius
Rick’s birth time is unknown, but we can narrow down his
Moon sign to either Scorpio or Sagittarius.  This celebrity
couple has a basic incompatibility with their Suns and
Moons, with few harmonizing connections.  

One of their strongest aspects is Rick’s Mercury conjunct
Pam’s Midheaven.  Likely she feels that he truly
understand her and she can express herself with him -
that can go a long way.  Pamela and Rick have a very
nice fire trine involving both their Venuses and her

Although the asteroid Juno is still under strong
astrological discussion, it might play a factor in this
Cancer and Aquarius relationship.  Juno is conjunct
Venus in Pam’s chart so it is also involved in the grand
trine.  If counting Juno they have another grand trine in
water with Ricks’ Juno, Mars and Pam’s Sun.  Very nice!  
However, Juno is mostly (as researched so far) about sex
and attraction.  It can also indicate marriage.   

In marriage and long term relationships, Saturn is often
the planet to indicate it.  They have some nice Saturn
connections, however it isn’t anything that isn’t already
represented in their natal charts, bringing nothing new to
the table.  With Rick’s unknown birth time, studying this
relationship fully is difficult.  For now, with uncompleted
data, I’d say this couple does stand a chance.
Pamela Anderson Astrological Profile
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Pamela Anderson
July 1, 1967
Ladysmith, Canada
4:08 am
Sun Sign: Cancer
Moon Sign: Aries
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aquarius and cancer love match
aquarius and cancer love match
This article written: 2007
Couple Update:  split December 2007 and
remarried January 2014