Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal
Reese and Jake both have unknown birth times, which
makes a true study of their compatibility harder.  Reese
has either a Sagittarius or Capricorn Moon and Jake has
either a Taurus or Gemini Moon.  I suspect they both
have earth Moons as their acting tends to portray that
sense to me, but that is a personal opinion.  Both having
earth Moons would be helpful in this compatibility though
as their Moons would then be in trine, at least by sign.

This celebrity couple has two aspect patterns.  The first
one is always a great indicator of compatibility - a Grand
Trine.  In Reese and Jake’s case, its in Water and
consists of his Uranus and her Mercury and Saturn.

However, this Aries and Sagittarius couple has an aspect
pattern I tend to call the “kiss of death” in relationships - a
cardinal Grand Cross.  This aspect pattern is extremely
stressful and has no outlets for that stress.  Their Grand
Cross consists of Reese’s Saturn opposite Jake’s Mars,
both in square to her Jupiter opposite his Pluto.   While
not quite as personal as having one of the lights involved
(the Sun or Moon), it still involves Reese’s Moon ruler.  
Both her Saturn and Jupiter are involved in this grand
cross, and either one is the ruler of her Moon.   While this
pattern increases the attraction for them, I have grave
doubts to this relationship lasting long.
Reese Witherspoon Astrological Profile
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Jake Gyllenhaal Astrological Profile
Reese Witherspoon
March 22, 1976
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
birth time: unknown
Sun Sign: Aries
Moon Sign: Sagittarius or
Jake Gyllenhaal
December 19, 1980
Los Angelos, California
birth time: unknown
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Moon Sign:  Gemini
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aries sagittarius love match
aries sagittarius love match
This article written: 2007
Couple Update:  split December 2009
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